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  • Mykayla Poirier

12 Free Digital Birth Affirmation Cards

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Birth affirmation cards are visual expressions of encouragement and focus for when birthing people need them. They are positive reminders of strength and resilience. They are mantras that instill confidence.

These cards are 5x7 inches with two on a letter size (8.5x11) page. Print them out, or take them to get printed at your local copy shop. If you're hanging them up card stock would work best. Also included is the individual pictures in case you want to just load them onto your phone and swipe through them there.

Download ZIP • 21.27MB

The download is a .zip file. To open a mac, double click. On a windows computer right click and choose unpack or decompress. Sending everyone good vibes! If you use these I would love to see them in action! Tag me on IG @northnestbirthco or send your photos to to be featured on my page!

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